Mylio-X - Free Photo Organizer for Mac, iOS (iPhone & iPad), Windows and Android

One app to collect all of your photos, videos and documents into a single library, automatically organizing them into the visual story of your life.



Understanding Mylio


What is Mylio?

Mylio is a free app for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android that manages all of your photos and files from all of your devices and online services like Facebook and Flickr.


How Mylio Works

Add your photos and files to Mylio to organize them automatically using your calendar app. View them on any device - with or without the internet.


Why use Mylio?

Save time and reclaim control of your memories. Mylio gives you the ability to collect, organize and protect your memories without compromising your privacy.


Bring your files together

Mylio imports your files from many sources including computers, phones, tablets, external drives and online services like Facebook and Flickr.

View your Life Calendar

Life Calendar automatically organizes your photos by syncing with your calendar app. Your images will be sorted by event and displayed as you’ve never seen them before.

Access your library anywhere

Mylio is not a cloud service, so it doesn’t rely on the internet to sync or view your files. Your memories are available directly on your device anywhere, anytime.


Reclaim your device's storage

Sync thousands of files to your devices using a fraction of the space. You can then free up space on your device without losing access to your files.

Organize with face recognition

Cutting edge face recognition can help you tag and organize thousands of photos in minutes.

Protect your memories

In Mylio, Vaults ensure your data is protected. Use external drives, desktop computers or even cloud services like Amazon or Google drive to protect your files.

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